Site History

A Brief History of Pavelec.Net

Brianna’s Site, Version 1.0
Brianna’s first site, circa 2001, was designed by Adam and was primarily coded by hand with Programmer’s File Editor.

Brianna’s Site, Version 2.0
Brianna’s second site, circa 2003, was Adam’s first attempt at a blog — Movable Type in this case, which was not the easiest thing to setup and maintain. It was during this time period that Adam discovered Gallery. Looking to integrate Gallery into something more robust and easier to maintain, the site evolved into…

Pavelec.Net, Version 1.0
Circa 2004, this generation of Pavelec.Net used Mambo for the back end and as mentioned above, featured tight integration with Gallery. With the lack of frequent updates, it became obvious that Mambo was not the ideal choice. Although it was a very robust system, it offered much more than Pavelec.Net required.

Pavelec.Net, Version 2.0
This brings us to 2006 where Pavelec.Net, version 2.0, is now using WordPress, a “state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform” (otherwise known as a BLOG). For those interested, this site is using a modified/hacked-up version of the fTiny theme, which was designed by Fredrik Fahlstad. The following WordPress plug-ins are utilized: